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Robotics and the Future Ruling Technology Class


Today we found an article on the “Top Majors for the Class of 2012”. Below is the brief excerpt on the topic of “Robotics” as published by Forbes:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the population will continue to age while young workers will be a smaller part of the labor force. This creates a demand for personal services that simply can’t be met – and robots will fill the void. The advent of personal service robots means that the elderly can live longer on their own before going to retirement homes, and many other industries are turning to robots as well, including the fast-growing health care industry. This will create a huge need for people in the robotics industry, from programming to engineering. For those interested in robotics as it relates to national security, several experts suggest that robot suppression will become a key industry in the future. As Springfield University Professor John Nerdelbaum Frink, Jr. commented a few years ago, “Elementary chaos theory tells us that all robots will eventually turn against their masters and run amok in an orgy of blood and kicking and the biting with the metal teeth and the hurting and shoving.”

This is truly fascinating. They are basically saying that Terminator, I Robot, The Matrix, and Eagle Eye, are all real. The endgame is simple: machines win. Our society continues to build, modify, and re-design machines that are enormously complex and on many levels, free thinking organisms. 30 years ago, computers took up hundreds of feet of space. 30 years later, the iPhone is 3 times as more powerful as that computer, and that’s just a cell phone. We make all of these films and write about an age where technology will finally rule us, but do any of us believe it? It is safe to suppose that anything is possible. One can only hope that we take precaution as we move forward, especially since our actions as a civilization seem to suggest that it is believed to be inevitable. I, Robot was set in 2035…



#Facebook and the New Frontier

As we all should have heard by now, Facebook is going public. If you are not sure what that means, pieces or “shares” of the company can be bought and sold on the open stock market by anyone in the world – hopefully for a profit. The valuation – amount of money a company is estimated to be worth when it hits the stock market – has been speculated to be as high as $100 Billion dollars. Needless to say, that’s a lot of money folks. People all across the globe believe in Mr. Zuckerberg‘s vision of creating a more “connected” world. He is certainly doing that at an unprecedented pace that will truthfully, never be matched again in our lifetime – perhaps in any lifetime. The advertising revenues have grown exponentially, and this could be the biggest initial public offering a private company’s stock in the history of our modern capitalist society.

Still, it could be stated that Facebook’s entire business model is based off of perception, or what investors would called “perceived ROI” – return on investment. This means basically the business model that has been making a few people lots of money over a very short period of time, may not give the shareholders the same type of return over a long period of time. Without a subscription price model, Facebook’s business could eventually regress and see a decline in revenue sales dollars and ultimately profits, because what is to stop some other Zuckerberg from coming up with another new innovative way of sharing information and connecting the world over the next 10 to 20 years – a model that could redefine the way we seek out and digest products and services as consumers just as Facebook has done?

Facebook will be best served to mimic the success of some of it’s peers in regards to overcoming the pending plateau of their business model growth – an issue that all businesses face at some point. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and even Google, have stepped outside of their traditional business models to pursue the frontier that technology consumers seem to always embrace – hardware. The success of the Kindle, the Nook, and Google’s newly developing hardware platform that will support seamless integration between Android and Motorola phones architecture is an idea Facebook should consider exploiting. Imagine a Facebook Tablet, one that supports it’s own browser and apps designed to integrate with your current Facebook account and applications. We already know Facebook has millions of applications. We can read the news on Facebook, chat with friends, video conference, play poker – what else could be next? A Facebook tablet would provide the revenue dollars and profit margin to support the advertising income from the company’s original business model as the transition through an IPO and into the next decade continues. It would also help cut into the profits of companies who are making millions of dollars indirectly, because of Facebook. Imagine if Facebook was unavailable on the iPhone, Android, Kindle, or Nook, and only available on a 6.5 inch Quad-Core powered tablet that would compete with all of the devices above as far as media content, apps, and communication capability. The Facebook Faithful might consider a switch, and the companies mentioned above to some degree, would have to play ball to satisfy the new desires of the consumer.

Some of you may say, “the next decade? 2012 just started!” What you must understand, is that when your company is private, you can follow whatever timeline you see fit to a certain extent. But when your company is owned by the public, institutional investors, private equity firms and the like, you have a lot more questions to answer in regards to where the company is going, where is the vision taking us, and why should we keep our money around during that process.

Year of the Overachievers

16/10/2011 2 comments

This has been an eventful year in Rap Music. Dr. Dre tried to make a comeback. Super groups were formed: The Throne featuring Jay-Z and Kanye West, Wayne and Drake have an album coming out soon, also, the Bugatti Boyz, Rick Ross and Diddy are suppose to drop early next year. Outside of that, the most surprising thing about this year were the Rookie debuts.

It all started on March 29… Wiz Khalifa released his first album “Rolling Papers” under Atlantic Records. Critics stated he wouldn’t break 100k first week. He ended up selling 197,000 albums and was number one on Nielsen SoundScan charts. Multiple hits on the radio, and a strong “Steelers” campaign with “Black and Yellow” have turned him into a superstar.

Astonishingly, Rapper Big Sean didn’t make an impact with sales – only selling 85k. Still, he did exceed expectations with his singles. He has two number one Billboard singles “Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay” and “My Last”. His other single, “I Do It”, was in the top 5 , and it also got him an endorsement deal with Adidas.

Another rapper to make an impressive statement was Jay-Z’s protégé, J.Cole. The North Carolina born lyricist puts his heart on every track, and he speaks about real issues. He didn’t have a big following, and was projected to sell around 115k. He actually doubled that total, selling 217,000 copies his first week on the charts. On deck for a release is Wale, after having a disappointing rookie campaign. With only 28k albums sold under Interscope, he was eventually dropped from the label. Wale gets a second chance to put DC back on with his sophomore album “Ambition” which drops on November 1st under the Maybach Music Group. Hopefully this time around he’ll trend like his peers and beat the odds.

By Jon Matthews

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Nike. 2011.

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Top 5 Reasons to get #Spotify | Top Reasons #Spotify > #iTunes


This will be a simple, straight forward learning session. As technology continues to grow expontially, we are continually presented with fascinating product developments. Spotify is it for the music lovers. $10 unlimited monthly access worldwide, to 15 million songs. Besides that ridiculously awesome fact, the following are the top 5 reasons why you should get #Spotify today:

5. No MP3s – You will no longer have to use up memory for your music. Everything is stored on a cloud, and streamed to your device – whether it’s your phone, tablet, or computer.

4. Integration with Social Media – You can log into your FB account, and share your play-lists. If you don’t want them public, that’s fine, but if you allow them to be open to the public, then we can share your musical tastes and play them from any of the devices listed above, anywhere I want! Anywhere in the world!

3. Song Artwork – Spotify recognizes MP3s and automatically gets the artwork for you. Remember when #iTunes only got artwork for MP3s purchased using iTunes? No more. Spotify will place artwork on MP3s that you downloaded from “3rd parties” or imported from CDs. It doesn’t matter.

2. Instant Access to New Releases – You can here the new albums the very day they drop. No waiting in line or running from the RIAA, only legal, high quality streaming of the entire album for you.

1. “Share To” – This is our favorite feature. You can share your music…on Facebook, Twitter, Windows Messenger, or between Spotify users all within the program interface. That means that if I have 4 or 5 songs I want you to hear instantly, I can send them directly to your Spotify library instantly, and you can listen to them anywhere in the world, on the device lists above.


Now it goes without saying, that this new product will undoubtedly add more fuel to the battle between these new emerging DRM music streaming services and traditional radio as well as CDs and physical album sales. Truthfully, it is still unclear as to why the RIAA continues to battle to heavily against the transformation of this musical technology age, because it will only benefit from the progression of this technology as time marches on. Stay tuned…

Spotify…Jango…Pandora…Music Streaming Bliss

The following link contains a list of the best Music Streaming Services for 2011. iTunes is outdated and limited. We want freedom to limit the space that mp3s take up on our hard-drives. Technology is going into the “cloud” if you haven’t noticed. Power up your #Android or #Blackberry device and get with the program.,2817,2380776,00.asp


Spotify : Spotify Login

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Steve Jobs on the #iPad2…but what about the #XOOM?

So, this iPad can edit video with iMovie, has a dual-core processor, and it’s thinner than the iPhone 4 with the SAME pricing as the first iPad…He does it again. Hopefully this man will stay alive.

Included for your consideration are some articles concerning the growing comparison between the Motorola XOOM and the iPad 2. The XOOM is slightly larger and weighs more, but the iPad is not without it’s cons. While it is thinner, lighter, and “faster”, it is still running the EXACT SAME SOFTWARE as the iPad, which is essentially the same version of iOS running on the iPhone 4 – WHICH is essentially the same OS that has been running since the original iPhone with the improvements mainly resting only in the hardware upgrades. Visually, #Android3.0 is much more stunning, customizable, and appealing to those looking to break free of the standard Apple presentation of OS systems which has remained pretty much unchanged since the first iPhone. Please leave your thoughts and comments about the content.