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The Social Way to Shop – Welcome to Shopcade

It’s more fun than the arcade. You spend money and earn real rewards – not stuffed animals or toy helicopters. Imagine a place where you can show the clothes that you like, to your friends. When your friends buy the items that you have shared, you get rewarded. Want to know more? Welcome to Shopcade.


It’s a Facebook application that that rewards you for connecting with friends and sharing common interests, across a wide range of categories – anything from books, or clothes, to home and garden or travel products. You can even buy tickets for popular concerts and a variety of other live entertainment choices like comedy shows, Disney on Ice, and college football.

Customizing your Shopcade allows you to keep track of your favorite brands, share items with others across Social Networks, and simultaneously discover new brands to shop from. You can receive and share recommendations about the best brands, products, and trends with your friends, plus you will earn cash when you buy items through your own or a friend’s Shopcade. This could become the new way to shop friends. It is faster than browsing through you favorite brand’s website. You can keep track of all your favorite brands in one place and then shop them at the same time.

What we love most is when you use Shopcade, you are sure to find new and exciting products to enjoy. And it is easy to share what you discover with friends across Twitter and Facebook. We expect a progressive platform like this to expand with user functionality and platform login mobility very soon, so be on the lookout. If you like to shop, and love technology (which you should), click this link and give it a shot –


Robotics and the Future Ruling Technology Class


Today we found an article on the “Top Majors for the Class of 2012”. Below is the brief excerpt on the topic of “Robotics” as published by Forbes:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the population will continue to age while young workers will be a smaller part of the labor force. This creates a demand for personal services that simply can’t be met – and robots will fill the void. The advent of personal service robots means that the elderly can live longer on their own before going to retirement homes, and many other industries are turning to robots as well, including the fast-growing health care industry. This will create a huge need for people in the robotics industry, from programming to engineering. For those interested in robotics as it relates to national security, several experts suggest that robot suppression will become a key industry in the future. As Springfield University Professor John Nerdelbaum Frink, Jr. commented a few years ago, “Elementary chaos theory tells us that all robots will eventually turn against their masters and run amok in an orgy of blood and kicking and the biting with the metal teeth and the hurting and shoving.”

This is truly fascinating. They are basically saying that Terminator, I Robot, The Matrix, and Eagle Eye, are all real. The endgame is simple: machines win. Our society continues to build, modify, and re-design machines that are enormously complex and on many levels, free thinking organisms. 30 years ago, computers took up hundreds of feet of space. 30 years later, the iPhone is 3 times as more powerful as that computer, and that’s just a cell phone. We make all of these films and write about an age where technology will finally rule us, but do any of us believe it? It is safe to suppose that anything is possible. One can only hope that we take precaution as we move forward, especially since our actions as a civilization seem to suggest that it is believed to be inevitable. I, Robot was set in 2035…