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Internet Radio and Automotive Integration

If you haven’t heard, many of the world’s leading car manufacturers are planning to incorporate cloud-based music streaming services directly into their vehicles…talk about CDs being dead. Imagine having Spotify or Pandora built into your head unit, and having unlimited access to it in your vehicle? This is where things are headed.

Surprisingly, the United States is the current market leader for this type of technological integration, with Europe being second and China being third. Ford, Scion, Hyundai, Buick, BMW, Lincoln, Chevrolet, and Mercedes-Benz all currently offer music applications in their vehicles. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight a company whose product has infiltrated the scene as the standout choice for this new type of product service – Pandora.

Pandora went public a few months ago as you all know, and it was blessed with a quick spike around noon of it’s first day on the market, only to fall well below its opening price to settle at 12. We have found some interesting information about this company in an article posted on

“Pandora makes its service available through a variety of distribution channels. In addition to streaming its service to PCs, Pandora has developed applications for smartphones and has partnered with the makers of more than 200 consumer electronics devices, including Alpine, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung and Sony.

Pandora also has developed relationships with major automobile manufacturers—including Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Mini—and with suppliers to major automobile manufacturers in order to integrate the service into current and future automotive sound systems. Furthermore, General Motors, Hyundai and Toyota have announced plans for future Pandora integrations.”

This poses to be a good way for Pandora to pay back it’s debt, as many people have written it off as a smart and revolutionary way to interact with music media, that will eventually bankrupt itself because of the unprofitable business model that it is based on. Only time will tell. Personally, we would prefer Spotify to take over the app-cloud based music software integration in these vehicles with complete syncing capabilities between your tablet, or smartphone. $9.99 per month for unlimited access to 14 million songs?


That would be nuts…For the record, this is a PERFECT example of MUSIONology.

Stay tuned.


#Spotify, #Pandora, #Facebook. More Digital and Social Media Convergence

So apparently Facebook is going to offer Spotify streaming music service on its web based platform which most of the world uses on a daily basis. Forbes says that Spotify may prove as a testing ground for Facebook to decide on whether or not to include other streaming services. Unfortunately, only certain european users will be able to use the exciting new integration feature, because Spotify has yet to seal agreements with major US music labels and publishers on the rights to stream their active and back music catalogs, which was recently stated to be gravely “undervalued” by Sean Parker – who is famously mistaken to have been a co-founder of Napster, but was merely an early employee.

As Spotify is seeking acceptance in the west, Pandora is seeking to get its IPO off the ground – we would unofficially encourage strong consideration of investing in this opportunity. Long story short, Pandora is continuing to post increased revenues but considerable profit losses, which kind of comes with the territory of being a web based music service that has more than half of its base use the service for free – not to mention the obscene music royalties they must pay which seem to increase as piracy roams rampant. Get ready, the next two quarters should be very interesting. Stay in touch friends.

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Music, Tech, Media, and IPOs

Pandora is planning a $100 Million dollar IPO at some point in 2011. We have all experienced the benefits of having music available to us on our mobile devices, and Pandora took that model to the next level through its innovative design platform to stream a seemingly unlimited supply of tunes to our ears. With this IPO, the common man will now have a chance to reap the benefits of this product through the offering of its common stock. Are you not excited? You should be. This will be the beginning of a few major IPOs from some of the most popular digital media products to come out of the 2000s – the most famous of which will be Facebook. While there is no official date or even reported speculative price on either future stock, start saving that money now so that in 30 years, you can reap the benefits of the technologies that helped shape culture and our lives.