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What to do about Yahoo!

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Some of you may have been reading about Yahoo! in recent weeks. C0-founder Jerry Yang stepped down, citing he wants “to pursue other interests”. That isn’t too unreasonable. He is worth over $1 Billion dollars in a down global economy, and he is a smart guy, so getting into other things after being with a company for 17 years should be allowed. But how has he left that company to fair for itself?

It seems the greatest gift Mr. Yang gave to Yahoo! in recent memory has been his departure. Often battle-worn CEOs stay around their companies for too long, and can lose the fresh, innovative and dynamic fervor that launched them into Fortune 500 power and in this case, “Internet Immortality”. He certainly gets credit for being one of the main creators of the world’s first major, monetized and profitable internet search directory – that’s what they were called in 1999. Though, it can also be stated that his rejection of a $50 Billion offer from Microsoft was a tad, ridiculous. It is documented that he was adamantly opposed to the takeover bid, but might that have been something good for the shareholders? (Yes)

In the capitalist society that we live in, as a CEO, you have got to have the awareness that time is of the essence, windows of opportunity come and go faster than new designs for Intel chips, and when a company comes around offering to double your price, and leave all of those invested with a overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and certainty that they made the right decision to invest, it is your job to make it happen! Funny thing is, Mr. Yang stated that he is “enthusiastic” that Yahoo! will be guided into an “exciting and successful future”. Do you think he realizes that if they return to their massive market share of the early 2000s, that his successor will probably just pull a dump and run himself? Perhaps he left because he knows the sale of his internet love-child was inevitable.

Honestly, in the world of Tech Business, mergers and acquisitions happen more often than in Finance. If the price plummets anymore, any number of companies with better balance sheets and more cash stand to make a solid claim for a stake – or all – of Yahoo! before it fades into the archives of Wikipedia. Microsoft, Google, even Amazon, Ebay, or perhaps Facebook, are all headed by pretty smart executives who could easily make good use of Yahoo! and it’s assets and market share, though it may be minimal at this point. And if it’s pennies on the dollar, anything could happen. 3 months ago, it was reported that Microsoft might be bringing another proposal to the table, and Mr. Yang will not be seated for dinner.


Fall Fashion Is In…Part 4…The Brooklyn Circus

Finally, one of our favorite retailers has come back to the internet with a newly stocked online store with some tremendous pieces for the late Fall. The Brooklyn Circus in a nutshell is one of the newest, and classiest clothing lines around for the intellectually fashionable. They company has several locations – Brooklyn, San Fransisco, Sweden – where they stock some beautiful private label items, as well as some mentionables from “comparable” clothiers. Needless to say, we don’t feel there is a comparison. The following items are our favorite and can be found at their locations, or on their online shop. The items aren’t cheap, but quality clothing rarely is:


BKc V-Neck Cardigan Blue. $220.00.



BKc Brushed Cotton Slacks Plum. $110.00.



Wolverine Wesley Boot Brown/Tan. $285.00.



BKc 8 Panel Hat Olive/Orange. $80.00.



BKc 8 Panel Hat Brown/Black. $80.00.



BKc 8 Panel Hat Red Plaid. $80.00.



BKc College Basics Hoody. $160.00 — $170.00.



BKc Cotton Varsity Navy. $250.00.

Are you ready to completely abandon CDs? The choice has been made for you.

Today, Side-Line Music Magazine published an article, outlining the plans of major  worldwide record labels to completely abandon the CD format as we know it. The  reasons seem to be quite obvious: low demand for the traditional “album” outside of  limited edition releases and labels will spend less money distributing the album. But  does the digital download devalue the music? Does the CD, and the tape, and the 12  inch vinyl before it, offer a quality that is unmatched by simply digital consumption?  Will we further devalue music because of the ability to instantaneously access it?

One party stated that a possible upside might be the label will spend less money on  the album in total, thus allowing for less money to be recouped from the artist, and  therefore allowing the artist to generate more income from the album’s release –  wrong. The label will just allocate the “costs” to some other phantom expense on the balance sheet, probably into marketing as this fascination with the juxtaposition between social media and music continues to climb at an unprecedented pace.

Many business around the world will become defunct, with the consolidation of music distribution becoming more and more concentrated into the hands of the few, to be rationed out to the masses. These “hands” will more than likely iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Facebook, who has recently been inking deals with several music streaming services in order to add integration into its user account architecture. Amazon is the most interesting of the bunch, as it is currently the world’s largest CD distributor, and probably in the top 5 globally ranked online streaming services as well. This is going to put a lot of pop into this stock, for those of you interested in that sort of thing.

This transition is supposed to occur over the next 5 years, and Amazon is poised to be the basket that will hold all limited edition releases of CD albums in the not to distant future. So it seems that with the devaluation of the album, it will find itself resurrected in other forms. Clearly the labels expect to increase their profit margin on their musical product. But who is to stay the world’s heavyweight digital music companies won’t jack up the prices on the labels over time…food for thought.

Independent Artists & Labels, Top 3 Ways to Use Spotify For Advertising

Many of you know what Spotify is. If you don’t, this is the run down in short: $10 per month, unlimited streaming and offline access to a 15 million song catalog, syncs between all wi-fi devices, etc… This program is additionally brilliant, because there are many ways in which you can market yourself as an independent artist, or independent label:

1. Make phenomenal music.

This might be a given, or implied for some of the readers of this post, but just for clarification this point must be restated. If your music is trash, please re-evaluate. We want you to be successful, and if you don’t have a quality product, all Spotify will do is quickly advertise your skill-set, or lack there of. Practice your craft, hone your craft, study your craft, and then, showcase it – not the other way around.

2. Make your own playlist.

When you make a Spotify account, you will be able to create playlist, name them, and share them. So if you have your own material, why not create your own playlists that your friends will be able to see, subscribe to, and share with their other friends on spotify, and other popular social networks? [e.g. facebook] It makes perfect sense. If you’re a label, create a top track playlist for your artists best records. If you’re an artist, do the same for yourself. Limit your guest appearances. This is your show.

3. Market that playlist.

Tell all of your friends to subscribe to it. Post it all over your own social media accounts – you can do that right through the Spotify desktop application. Drive as much traffic to the list as possible, so that you will create a buzz and a following that syncs seamlessly with all of your other marketing efforts. Contrary to popular belief, you should still be using Twitter, Myspace, and anything else you can find to get your music out to the digital public.

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Internet Radio and Automotive Integration

If you haven’t heard, many of the world’s leading car manufacturers are planning to incorporate cloud-based music streaming services directly into their vehicles…talk about CDs being dead. Imagine having Spotify or Pandora built into your head unit, and having unlimited access to it in your vehicle? This is where things are headed.

Surprisingly, the United States is the current market leader for this type of technological integration, with Europe being second and China being third. Ford, Scion, Hyundai, Buick, BMW, Lincoln, Chevrolet, and Mercedes-Benz all currently offer music applications in their vehicles. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight a company whose product has infiltrated the scene as the standout choice for this new type of product service – Pandora.

Pandora went public a few months ago as you all know, and it was blessed with a quick spike around noon of it’s first day on the market, only to fall well below its opening price to settle at 12. We have found some interesting information about this company in an article posted on

“Pandora makes its service available through a variety of distribution channels. In addition to streaming its service to PCs, Pandora has developed applications for smartphones and has partnered with the makers of more than 200 consumer electronics devices, including Alpine, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung and Sony.

Pandora also has developed relationships with major automobile manufacturers—including Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Mini—and with suppliers to major automobile manufacturers in order to integrate the service into current and future automotive sound systems. Furthermore, General Motors, Hyundai and Toyota have announced plans for future Pandora integrations.”

This poses to be a good way for Pandora to pay back it’s debt, as many people have written it off as a smart and revolutionary way to interact with music media, that will eventually bankrupt itself because of the unprofitable business model that it is based on. Only time will tell. Personally, we would prefer Spotify to take over the app-cloud based music software integration in these vehicles with complete syncing capabilities between your tablet, or smartphone. $9.99 per month for unlimited access to 14 million songs?


That would be nuts…For the record, this is a PERFECT example of MUSIONology.

Stay tuned.

Top 5 Reasons to get #Spotify | Top Reasons #Spotify > #iTunes


This will be a simple, straight forward learning session. As technology continues to grow expontially, we are continually presented with fascinating product developments. Spotify is it for the music lovers. $10 unlimited monthly access worldwide, to 15 million songs. Besides that ridiculously awesome fact, the following are the top 5 reasons why you should get #Spotify today:

5. No MP3s – You will no longer have to use up memory for your music. Everything is stored on a cloud, and streamed to your device – whether it’s your phone, tablet, or computer.

4. Integration with Social Media – You can log into your FB account, and share your play-lists. If you don’t want them public, that’s fine, but if you allow them to be open to the public, then we can share your musical tastes and play them from any of the devices listed above, anywhere I want! Anywhere in the world!

3. Song Artwork – Spotify recognizes MP3s and automatically gets the artwork for you. Remember when #iTunes only got artwork for MP3s purchased using iTunes? No more. Spotify will place artwork on MP3s that you downloaded from “3rd parties” or imported from CDs. It doesn’t matter.

2. Instant Access to New Releases – You can here the new albums the very day they drop. No waiting in line or running from the RIAA, only legal, high quality streaming of the entire album for you.

1. “Share To” – This is our favorite feature. You can share your music…on Facebook, Twitter, Windows Messenger, or between Spotify users all within the program interface. That means that if I have 4 or 5 songs I want you to hear instantly, I can send them directly to your Spotify library instantly, and you can listen to them anywhere in the world, on the device lists above.


Now it goes without saying, that this new product will undoubtedly add more fuel to the battle between these new emerging DRM music streaming services and traditional radio as well as CDs and physical album sales. Truthfully, it is still unclear as to why the RIAA continues to battle to heavily against the transformation of this musical technology age, because it will only benefit from the progression of this technology as time marches on. Stay tuned…

The Weekend Offender Spring/Summer Collection. #Highlights

Weekend Offender HM Service Jumper

Weekend Offender HM Service Jumper. £60.00.


Weekend Offender Prison T Shirt Red

Weekend Offender Prison T Shirt Red. £27.00.


Weekend Offender Honesty Jumper Grey

Weekend Offender Honesty Jumper Grey. £65.00.


Weekend Offender Casual Polo Pink

Weekend Offender Casual Polo Pink. £40.00.

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