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Winter/Spring Fashion 101. Eclub Clothing.

Last week we came across a clothing brand that we thought has some great potential to be an exclusive, broadly appealing product in the world of Fashion. As you know, we love Fashion, and we would like to take the opportunity to recognize Eloquent Club Clothing as the first in our category called, “Fashion Futures”. We like that these pieces are made 1 time and never recreated again. This will help to ensure that Eclub items are not only valuable, but sought after. You may not have heard of this brand now, but they have the potential to be the next hottest thing to take diverse, fashionable hipster-urban shopper’s closet by storm:

Gray Chief Crew

Gray Chief Crewneck. $40.00

Red Hater Crewneck

Red Hater Crewneck. $40.00

F. Haters Beanie

F. Haters Beanie. $20.00

*Limited* Chief Black

*Limited* Chief Black. $27.00

*Limited* Chief White

*Limited* Chief White. $27.00

Only 50 of these T-Shirts were made.


Fall Fashion Is In…Part 4…The Brooklyn Circus

Finally, one of our favorite retailers has come back to the internet with a newly stocked online store with some tremendous pieces for the late Fall. The Brooklyn Circus in a nutshell is one of the newest, and classiest clothing lines around for the intellectually fashionable. They company has several locations – Brooklyn, San Fransisco, Sweden – where they stock some beautiful private label items, as well as some mentionables from “comparable” clothiers. Needless to say, we don’t feel there is a comparison. The following items are our favorite and can be found at their locations, or on their online shop. The items aren’t cheap, but quality clothing rarely is:


BKc V-Neck Cardigan Blue. $220.00.



BKc Brushed Cotton Slacks Plum. $110.00.



Wolverine Wesley Boot Brown/Tan. $285.00.



BKc 8 Panel Hat Olive/Orange. $80.00.



BKc 8 Panel Hat Brown/Black. $80.00.



BKc 8 Panel Hat Red Plaid. $80.00.



BKc College Basics Hoody. $160.00 — $170.00.



BKc Cotton Varsity Navy. $250.00.