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Fall Fashion Is In…Part 4…The Brooklyn Circus

Finally, one of our favorite retailers has come back to the internet with a newly stocked online store with some tremendous pieces for the late Fall. The Brooklyn Circus in a nutshell is one of the newest, and classiest clothing lines around for the intellectually fashionable. They company has several locations – Brooklyn, San Fransisco, Sweden – where they stock some beautiful private label items, as well as some mentionables from “comparable” clothiers. Needless to say, we don’t feel there is a comparison. The following items are our favorite and can be found at their locations, or on their online shop. The items aren’t cheap, but quality clothing rarely is:


BKc V-Neck Cardigan Blue. $220.00.



BKc Brushed Cotton Slacks Plum. $110.00.



Wolverine Wesley Boot Brown/Tan. $285.00.



BKc 8 Panel Hat Olive/Orange. $80.00.



BKc 8 Panel Hat Brown/Black. $80.00.



BKc 8 Panel Hat Red Plaid. $80.00.



BKc College Basics Hoody. $160.00 — $170.00.



BKc Cotton Varsity Navy. $250.00.

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