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Independent Artists & Labels, Top 3 Ways to Use Spotify For Advertising

Many of you know what Spotify is. If you don’t, this is the run down in short: $10 per month, unlimited streaming and offline access to a 15 million song catalog, syncs between all wi-fi devices, etc… This program is additionally brilliant, because there are many ways in which you can market yourself as an independent artist, or independent label:

1. Make phenomenal music.

This might be a given, or implied for some of the readers of this post, but just for clarification this point must be restated. If your music is trash, please re-evaluate. We want you to be successful, and if you don’t have a quality product, all Spotify will do is quickly advertise your skill-set, or lack there of. Practice your craft, hone your craft, study your craft, and then, showcase it – not the other way around.

2. Make your own playlist.

When you make a Spotify account, you will be able to create playlist, name them, and share them. So if you have your own material, why not create your own playlists that your friends will be able to see, subscribe to, and share with their other friends on spotify, and other popular social networks? [e.g. facebook] It makes perfect sense. If you’re a label, create a top track playlist for your artists best records. If you’re an artist, do the same for yourself. Limit your guest appearances. This is your show.

3. Market that playlist.

Tell all of your friends to subscribe to it. Post it all over your own social media accounts – you can do that right through the Spotify desktop application. Drive as much traffic to the list as possible, so that you will create a buzz and a following that syncs seamlessly with all of your other marketing efforts. Contrary to popular belief, you should still be using Twitter, Myspace, and anything else you can find to get your music out to the digital public.

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