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Audi, a leader in #Tech integration. #NoBMW #NoMercedes

We love Audis. If we had a fleet of company cars – they would be Audis. Truthfully, german cars are superior and if you haven’t driven one, go test drive one. You might think all luxury cars are the same, and I’m sure you’ve heard that Japanese vehicles are dominate…perhaps they are in certain categories. But truthfully, you can’t compare a LUXURY car to a RACE car with luxury features. There are many things that can be compared – engines, leather (yes, all leather is not created equal), steering, etc. Interestingly, the most surprising technical innovation we’ve discovered by any car maker happened to be introduced by #Audi, and includes a collaboration with #Google. Let us explain…

Audi has a ridiculously souped up system called MMI – multi media interface – navigation. Beginning with the 2012 A7 model, this navigation system will include #Google Earth support with 3D imaging, Additionally, it will include #SiruiusXM traffic integration which will display traffic patterns on the 3D images…crickets…BMW and Mercedes? You can also do voice searches of #Google’s search engine through the integrated microphone system, and can send and receive saved destinations from the web browser on your internet devices.

Next, you can get news streamed right to the screen because it doubles as a browser…yes, a browser. Weather updates, travel information such as landmarks and restaurants, in addition to live updates for gas prices! You can find the station closest to your location, or you can find the cheapest gas and enjoy the leisure ride toward saving some money on that premium gas – if there is such a thing.

Without question, the best part of this new system  is the WiFi Hotspot. Unbelievable, in a  partnership with T-Mobile, your #Audi can be  outfitted with WiFi to power your laptop, tablet,  iPod touch, etc. Unfortunately, T-Mobile’s network  is not truly 4G, as the speeds don’t qualify it.  Supposedly the agreement will last a minimum of 8  years which is less than ideal if you are a true LTE  fan *cough cough* #Verizon. Maybe down the    road #Audi will make that switch. Well readers,      until next time…

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