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Tablet Fever. #Android #Blackberry #Nook #Kindle – The Battle Rages On.

In today’s world, rapidly expanding technology is the king. It drives the way we communicate, socialize, perhaps even date. Some might argue that there is an issue with the pace at which tech is developing – as nothing ever seems cool enough for the masses to appreciate for more than five seconds. The next item on this long list of “technological escalation” is the tablet computer.

Recently #Blackberry released it’s first tablet computer – the Playbook. It sports dual-core processors, 7 inch screen, HDMI, and 2 HD cameras. It’s most immediate competitor that has had some success is the #Samsung Galaxy Tablet which is the same size, but does not have the HD camera or dual-core configuration – giving #Blackberry the advantage. Priced at $500 (₤ 299.5805, € 337.9520), this should definitely give the #iPad some competition, though #Apple might have the strongest cult following of any tech company since…ever truthfully.

Below are two articles that will give you a solid review of the item – one of Time Magazine and the other from Financial Tech Spotlight:

Blackberry Playbook Tablet – Financial Tech Spotlight

Time Magazine – Blackberry Playbook

But there is more…lest we forget the exciting world of digital readers. Now the #Nook and the #Kindle have been adopted by some of the savviest of tech junkies over the past year. These devices have made reading more convenient and efficient, though the old academics of the 20th century would argue that the character of the page as well as the text may be negatively compromised through the digitalization of the worlds greatest works – that argument can be made later though.

Both #Amazon and #BarnesandNoble are turning their readers into official tablets – the difference being, they will be able to use applications among other things. The new #Nook will be color, and boast and #Android operating system supporting many of the apps that you can currently download onto your #Android smartphones and tablets. The browser will support Adobe Flash 10.1, a social media platform dubbed “Nook Friends”, as well as a newly developed #Nook E-mail program – are you serious. Technological integration is one thing but, the free market is actually a phenomenon. It’s amazing to see how quickly new products are being built to compete against each other. There are almost too many choices.

Read more about it below:

Nook Color “beats” BlackBerry PlayBook, preparing for Kindle tablet?

Nook Color SDK, to compete with iPad and Galaxy Tab?

Nook Color with Android 2.1 is not an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab

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