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Steve Jobs on the #iPad2…but what about the #XOOM?

So, this iPad can edit video with iMovie, has a dual-core processor, and it’s thinner than the iPhone 4 with the SAME pricing as the first iPad…He does it again. Hopefully this man will stay alive.

Included for your consideration are some articles concerning the growing comparison between the Motorola XOOM and the iPad 2. The XOOM is slightly larger and weighs more, but the iPad is not without it’s cons. While it is thinner, lighter, and “faster”, it is still running the EXACT SAME SOFTWARE as the iPad, which is essentially the same version of iOS running on the iPhone 4 – WHICH is essentially the same OS that has been running since the original iPhone with the improvements mainly resting only in the hardware upgrades. Visually, #Android3.0 is much more stunning, customizable, and appealing to those looking to break free of the standard Apple presentation of OS systems which has remained pretty much unchanged since the first iPhone. Please leave your thoughts and comments about the content.




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