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Music, Tech, Media, and IPOs

Pandora is planning a $100 Million dollar IPO at some point in 2011. We have all experienced the benefits of having music available to us on our mobile devices, and Pandora took that model to the next level through its innovative design platform to stream a seemingly unlimited supply of tunes to our ears. With this IPO, the common man will now have a chance to reap the benefits of this product through the offering of its common stock. Are you not excited? You should be. This will be the beginning of a few major IPOs from some of the most popular digital media products to come out of the 2000s – the most famous of which will be Facebook. While there is no official date or even reported speculative price on either future stock, start saving that money now so that in 30 years, you can reap the benefits of the technologies that helped shape culture and our lives.

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